Dr Strangefolks

Dr Strangefolks

How to decide the fate of life and deny everything

“They are not only ruling over our fate, but deciding what we are going to eat, how we should dress or when we should call our mothers…” chirped the non-fascist bird. This project is committed to the development of imaginative, anti-colonial and feminist futures to come after the end of capitalism. Through a participatory event we aim to trigger this experience together with you.

This fake conference piece opens in a colonial, marble floor setting and moves on to a roundtable meeting room which refers to the ‘war room’ in Dr. Strangelove movie (Stanley Kubrick 1964). In Kubrick’s film white heterosexual males decide the fate of humanity against the fast approaching doomsday, but this time we ponder the end of the world from perspectives of “strange people”. How would it affect the power dynamics of the whole world if those people at the war room are replaced by non-normative anti-patriarchal bodies?

Expect the unexpected and join this feast of decolonial improv performance in which everybody gets to play a part.
In honour to ancestors like Ana Mendieta, Marielle Franco and so many females that couldn’t finish their works.

Project created by:

Non-fascist Strangefolks Collective: Fuck patriarchy and racism


Sydney Lowell
Rodrigo Batista
Non-fascist Strangefolks Collective


25th of November 2018 at Tropen Institute Amsterdam
15h to 16h Arrival and reception
16h to 17h Conference Performance
17h to 18h Drinks at the bar
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/183510895899031/

Press request for interviews or press kit can be addressed to Chihiro Geuzebroek

Thanks to the following contributors for performance research lab:

Fernanda Romman, Karina Villafan, Mavi Veloso.
Also thanks to: Leoni Kuipers, Sameh Osman, Noah Volker.


Mauritskade 63, Amsterdam


Tickets at the door for 8€. For those who can not afford it any donation is welcome. Cash only.

The project is hosted at Tropen Institute and funded by AFK.