Resume Ehsan Fardjadniya

Resume Ehsan Fardjadniya
Independent contemporary visual artist



  • Initiation of Anonymous Stateless Immigrants (ASI) performance group
    Year: 2011 – PRESENT
    Detail: A international political performance collective with members in Italy, Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw.
  • Initiation of Cinedome
    Role: Design and construction plus film, music and performance programming of Cinedome
    Year: 2013 – PRESENT
    Detail: A mobile self-designed and build, 12 m. diameter geodesic dome stage
  • Initiation of Stichting Delta, Den Haag
    Role: Initiator / Events Organizer
    Year: 2009 – active in The Hague till 201. The association / foundation still present
    Detail: Stichting Delta managed and run two temporary studios and project spaces for artists given by Stroom Den Haag. I initiated and run the first 1.5 / 2 beginning years of the initiative together with Lev and Veniamin Kazachencho
  • Initiation of Stichting Centrum, Den Haag
    Role: Initiator / Events Organizer
    Year: 2009 – 2010. The association / foundation still active
    Detail: Stichting Centrum started by running a temporary space for studios and events in The Hague given by Stroom. I initiated and organized the events for a year. The organization and current project space is still active
  • Initiation of Stichting ParachutArtists, Amsterdam
    Role: Initiator / Events Organizer
    Year: 2008 – 2010
    Detail: The first association i initiated in The Netherland. With ParachutArtists, I organized three exhibitions with international in Amsterdam and Brussels.



  • Goldsmiths College University of London, London— Master of Fine Arts
    2006 – 2008
  • Royal College of Fine Art (KABK), The Hague — BA Fine Arts.
    2002 – 2006


  • Group show at W139, Amsterdam. Title: Ideology Becomes implimentation. October-End Nov. 2017
  • Valletta 2018 exhibition.
  • Speaker for ‘Movies That Matter on Tour 2017’ program  about ‘Raving Iran’ film in Criterion Amsterdam, Film House Den Haag, Natlab Eindhoven and Breda.


  • ‘Post-Peace’ group exhibition at Stuttgart Kunstverein — Side Specific Installation ‘Hinterland’ and performance(s). 24th February-7th May 2017



  • Improvisation performance and music at Curie City Warsaw
  • Lecture and presentation at occupy theatre Palermo
  • Lecture and presentation at Cafe Internationale Palermo
  • Residency at Vessel Bari Italy
  • Residency at Ujazdowski Center of Contemporary Art Warsaw Initiating a performance collective and organizing a public space performance
  • Filming and directing the 24-hours marathon dialogue of Keti-Koti (breaking the chain, commemoration of abolition of slavery)
  • Hongrige Wolf Festival with Cinedome and FAUT HAUT band
  • Start working together with ‘We Are Here’, stateless refugee collective Amsterdam, towards more public programs
  • Collaboration with Network Democracy and participation in Europe By People Festival. Collaboration and Co-programming for the duration of two months at Cinedome
  • Lecture at Riga Centre of Contemporary Art on archive and power entitled ‘Who’s Archive’
  • Post-Peace exhibition censorship Istanbul Akbank Sanat


  • Re-initiation of Anonymous Stateless Immigrants Pavilion in Venice
  • Maxim Gorki Theater, Berliner Herbsts Salon II group exhibition. Refugee Monument project
  • Filming and directing the 24hours marathon dialogue of Keti-Koti (breaking the chain, commemoration of abolition of slavery)
  • Lecture at Cineblend night on Alternative Artist’s Narrative on Iran at Framer Framed
  • Panel Discussion about the Voice over Noord project and art in public space at Framer Framed
  • Voice over North project, four days of group performances at public bus in Amsterdam Noord as part of Crisis of History III at Framer Framed
  • Programming, screening and talking about Film as Subversive Art. Four weekend of film programs at Goleb
  • Participation in New University of Amsterdam at Occupy University of Amsterdam
  • Mini Film Festival at Francis Boeske Projects short video of Iran video diary, chapter four: Visiting My Father After 14 Years
  • Went back to Iran after 14 years


  • Marrakech Biennale Urban Fablab Project
  • In and Out Japan a program at experimental cinema evening. A performance with Cinecycle at Eye Film Museum
  • Filming and directing the 24hours marathon dialogue of Keti-Koti (breaking the chain, commemoration of abolition of slavery)
  • Film as Subversive Art film screenings at Gemak The Hague part of LOCUS group exhibition
  • Black TV video performance at Gemak The Hague part of LOCUS group exhibition
  • TV dome installation at Gemak The Hague part of LOCUS group exhibition
  • CINEDOME at Erassmus park Amsterdam. Three weekends of film performance at CINEDOME
  • CINECYCLE at Uitmarkt The Hague with Movies That Matters


  • Pirate Cinema: Public program of ‘Portable Nation’ exhibition at Maldives Pavilion at 55 Venice Biennale. Film program and two weeks film open air screening in Venice
  • THIS IS NOT A FILM FESTIVA. Self-organised two weekends film festival in Cinedome at Roest Amsterdam
  • Magneet Festival with Cinedome Amsterdam for four weekends
  • One day festival about sustainability at New Energy Docs Amsterdam North with Cinedome
    Initiation of Cinedome project
  • Lecture about Pirate Cinema project at 6th NECS Graduate Workshop: Moving Images – Imagined Movements: Mobility in/of Film


  • Film screening events at Tolhuistuin Amsterdam with Pirate Cinema
  • Wasteland Twinning edition 1 and 2 organised by W139
  • Magneet Festival Amsterdam with Pirate Cinema for Four weekends
  • IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) in collaboration with Doc Next Network: film screening of young filmmakers (Selected by Doc Next) at Rembrandt Plein Amsterdam
  • Electric Guitar Haven Festival Amsterdam with Pirate Cinema: Street performances with young guitar players


  • De Balie Amsterdam: Generatie IK en Waar Blijft de Revolutie (Generation I and where stay the Revolution); theatre piece with Fools Army (Self-initiated theatre and action group)
  • Occupy Amsterdam: Building Information Desk for whole duration of occupy Amsterdam
  • Museum Night Amsterdam in collaboration with The Living Room at De Appel Art Centre Amsterdam
  • Masterclass at Van AbbeMuseum part of Autonomy Project with Thomas Hirschorn and Hito Steyerl
  • Nutshuis The Hague, 9/11 Ten Years of Sodom & Gomorrah. A collaboration work of Anonymous Stateless Immigrants Collective and Acid Police Noise Ensemble
  • Initiation of Plein Der Beschaving, a gathering place for protests against art austerities at Tolhuis Town Amsterdam
  • Venice Biennale 54. Performance at Osloo Danish Pavilion about Anonymous Stateless Immigrants Collective
  • Delta Art Centre The Hague. The Hand That Feeds You group exhibition


  • Next Root Awareness Festival, Nutshuis Den Haag
  • Gathering Gathering group exhibition at Van Abbemuseum. Two days of Ping Pong Complaints project
  • Medrar Contemporary Art Film Festival Cairo with a short film Crisis Manager
  • TOPSY: On Documentation and Perversion group show at Six d.o.g.s Athens
  • ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) London, Invited to 48 hrs. Conference on art and activism, what struggle do we have in common? A Brechtian theater organized by Chto delat? (St. Petersburg)
  • M4gastateliers Amsterdam, Video screening of Crisis Center
  • Performance The very possibility of the artist being buried alive in DeltA Centre of Contemporary Art The Hague, part of the show Black Bile
  • A week festival, screening of Crisis Center part of Archipelagos, Parallel Universes Festival by Studio Appo 3 in Nantes, France
  • Screening of Episode 1 of Controversy Crisis, Who is real? part of the exhibition Topsy: On Documentation and Perversion at Sala SAM Gallery in Santiago, Chile
  • National Pride Crisis: Public space intervention on queensday, part of exhibition You Can Have Your Cake, and that’s the way cookie crumbles in Stichting Delta Den Haag
  • Crisis Center, headquarter of crisis center at Epicentrum show at Stichting Centrum Den Haag
  • Public School, two weeks residency at Komplot Brussels. Organized a class on Artistic Intervention, Reading Sessions of “Escape the Overcode, Activist Art in the Control Society”, specially the article “The Affectivist Manifesto, Artistic Critique in 21st Century” by Brian Holmes


  • Cezanne, Mondrian, Shell. Intervention in Gemeente Museum The Hague in relation to Shell sponsorship of the museum’s exhibition Cezanne, Picasso, Mondriaan
  • ARTIS Den Bosch, two weeks residency for political artist
  • Cultuur Taxi / Culture Taxi, Intervention at Hoogtij (Museum night) The Hague
  • Museum Night Intervention Ali Likes Museums, Public Intervention Amsterdam
  • For the Love of Losers, a interactive installation at International Celeste Art Prize Berlin
  • Private Democracy at Subvision Kunst Festival Off, Hamburg
  • mAssage, group exhibition in Caesar & Koba Gallery, curated by Wiebke Gronemeyer, Hamburg
  • UNFAIR PROJECT, Off Program Art Amsterdam in De Service Garage


  • Laugh Track, self-organised Off Program of Brussels Biennial I, curatorial collaboration with Oliver Kandt
  • Health & Safety First Priority, Performance / intervention at the opening night group show at Salon Gallery London
  • Apocalyptic As Ever, MFA Degree show at Goldsmiths college, London
  • Is the World Flat? Self-organized group exhibition at Maatschappij Arti et Amiticiae Amsterdam


  • Degree Show KABK, The Hague
  • Here Kitty Kitty, pre-graduation show Royal College of Art at Stroom The Hague


  • Art events organization and collective collaboration
  • Art in public space
  • Graphic designs software skills such as photoshop, Indesign. Video softwares Premier and Motion.
  • Three dimensional / modeling designs softwares such as Sketchup
  • Website and blog designs
  • Metal structures designs and construction. Welding on professional level
  • Design and building alternative mobile vehicles
  • Alternative solar, wind and pedal electricity and off grid high amperage battery bank systems


Farsi, Sorani Kudish, English, Dutch, Spanish (very basic)


2013 AFK & HIVOS FONDS GRAND for Pirate Cinema summer of 2013
2012 Amsterdamse Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten for Pirate Cinema
2009 Mondriaan Fonds. For UNFAIR PROJECT & Subvision Kunst Festival OFF
2009 Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds, For UNFAIR PROJECT
2009 AFK Amsterdamse Fonds Voor Kunsten, For UNFAIR PROJECT
2009 Stroom PRO Subsidy
2007 / 2008 Stichting Niemijer Fonds for master degree at Goldsmiths College
2006 Winsor & Newton First Art Price. (KABK)
2006 VSB Fonds for Post grad. at Goldsmiths College
2006 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds for master degree at Goldsmiths College