ABOUT Ehsan Fardjadniya

About Ehsan Fardjadniya:

I’m a Kurdish – Iranian, Dutch artist and activist. In 2000, I had to leave Iran as a political refugee and since then I work and lives in Amsterdam and many other places on Europe.

I have completed my BA degree in fine art at Royal College of Fine Art, The Hague in year 2006 and Master of Fine Arts degree at Goldsmiths University of London in year 2008.

My practice includes conceptual performance art, lecture performance, interventions, installation and experimental video.

The subject of my work is mostly investigates the interdependent relation between art, power and activism. I aspire to explore and scrutinize the role and use of art in the formation of resistance and accordingly in the development of history and identity.

Most of my work is either find itself in public space or creates a public space for art by questioning the definitions and role of such spaces.

Few vital questions in my art practice and theory are:

·       How art and activism can merge?
·       How to work together in collectives and communities?
·       How to include the perspective of peripheral and subaltern subjects?
·       Can we develop and define those viewpoints by the Situationists détournement techniques and methods? Is détournemen still valid and how can it proceed in today?