ABOUT Ehsan Fardjadniya

Ehsan Fardjadniya portrait
Picture by Chun-Han Chiang (Dawson), ‘Round Heads and Pointed Heads, Scene II’ Performance at W139 part of ‘Ideology Meets Implementation’ exhibition November 2017.

About Ehsan Fardjadniya:

I see art and culture as a catalyst of change through progressive subversion towards justice and emancipation from oppression. As an artist I position myself social agent of new becoming. This is related to both my earlier experience of fleeing Iran in year 2000 and finding my artistic position again in a new society. Those experiences made me aware of power apparatuses, their mechanisms of domination, systems of racial and class exclusion and the function of satirical, critical and emancipatory art. How can the very art that brought me to this position emancipate me and other similar subjects? I aspire to explore and scrutinise the role and use of art and art activism, particularly in decoding societal mechanisms and making them dysfunctional, especially through the formation of new public spaces, however temporary, for artistic and poetic resistance and emancipatory movements. Most of my work unfolds via performances and interventions in public space as well as social sculptures and participatory platforms and installations.

Picture by Romy Fernandez. A speech performance on oppression and the obscured fascism of everyday at ‘Carnaval on Oppressed’ Amsterdam 2017.