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Ehsan Fardjadniya

My art practice specifically addresses urgent social issues. I feel that given the tenuous nature of our times, a more serious and radical form of cultural production is needed.
Utilizing an experimental approach to artistic research my work attempts to empower individuals to engage in participatory forms of democracy and citizen initiated decision making. From this perspective, I conceptualize my work as a facilitator to these processes through creative acts at the intersection of aesthetics and politics.
Other related topics are: Art and Social Change, participatory art, interventions in public space, Urbanism, Art and revolution, alternative education, video art and cinema,… Read More

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‘Their Performance’ at Gemeente Museum The Hague after Graciela Carnevale from Ehsan Fardjadniya on Vimeo.
Their positive or negative reaction is always a form of participation. The end of the work, as unpredictable for the viewer as it is for me, is nevertheless intentioned: will the spectator tolerate the situation passively? Will an unexpected event – help from the outside? ‘Graciela Carnevale, Artificial Hells Participatory Art and Politics of Spectatorship, Clare Bishop page120′

‘Ali Likes Museums’ public Space Performance in Amsterdam from Ehsan Fardjadniya on Vimeo.
A collaborative public space performance on museum square of Amsterdam with performative texts commenting on art institutions, their public and immigration. In this video you can see location of performances like Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Foam and NiMK.
Participants: Giancarlo Pazanese, Eric E, Thijs Rijnsburger, Mathilde Jansen.

‘Space of Play’ from Ehsan Fardjadniya on Vimeo.
A selection of ping-pong play performances in public space in The Hague in 2009.
The performance ment to find ‘spaces of play in the urban environment, (for) understanding play as non- alienating human activity available to all.’ (Artificial Hell, Participatory Art and Politics of Spectatorship, Claire Bishop, Page 86.)
Participants: Simon van Kray, Sophie Alfred-Suzon, Amir Tirandaz, Camilo Barreto, Paradwaas (Bed Elze), Clare Butcher (Curated ‘Gathering Gathering’ exhibition at Van Abbe Museum), Koert Jobse.

Crisis Management from Ehsan Fardjadniya on Vimeo.
In this work we mask ourselves as the crisis managers or the authorities who tax the public by locking their bicycle. In a letter we inform and encourage them to buy a new one to eventually stimulate the economy. We knew that this knowing this will provoke and conduct them to take an direct action and so did they!

Participants: Koert Jobse, Jose Simoes, Sharon Paz, Elizabeth Ida.

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